The board members visited the Oshakati Regional Office and met with staff members to officially meet and greet on, Tuesday 11 July 2023. The employees spoke on the challenges and wants for the Enterprise moving forward. As an important stakeholder, the Board recognises the value that employees add to the Enterprise and assured them they are here to move NHE to greater heights. ‘’Let us be each other’s keepers and work for the benefit of Namibia’’, Mrs Toska Sem, NHE Board Chairperson said. ’’We are happy to see the Board members here at our Office and we can see the energy that you bring, thank you, indicated Patrick Kaaheke, Oshakati Regional Branch Manager.

The Board was in the region to attend the Tsandi House Handover ceremony that took place recently and also to engage relevant stakeholders. Similar visits will be hosted at all regional branches. The Board also visited the Okahao and Ondangwa projects.