The T & T Corporation LTD, a Pan-African investment facilitator and management consultancy firm based in France led by their Board Chairman, Mr. Toussaint Basantu Miesi visited the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) to engage the NHE management on possible partnerships, collaboration, investment opportunities which can pave the way for bilateral agreements.

Mr. Miesi was accompanied by a delegation consisting of specialists in housing, electricity supply and cyber security system. T&T proposed better housing financing models and offered to open doors for direct investment in Namibia particularly in the housing sector to assist in the alleviation of the current housing crisis Namibia is faced with.

During the presentation the T & T Corporation introduced new alternative construction technologies that are affordable and can deliver durable houses much faster than the conventional brick and motor construction methods. The NHE and T & T Corporation are in talks aimed at partnering in capital investment, mortgage financing and cost cutting building technologies tailor made towards delivery of affordable housing.