Hon. Erastus Uutoni the Minister of Urban and Rural Development handed over 24 more houses constructed by the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 at Ondangwa. Hon. Uutoni appealed to NHE and Ondangwa Town Council through the office of His Worship the Mayor to ensure that more land is availed so that affordable housing projects commence soon.
“I also wish to use this opportunity to continue pleading with all our local authorities to offer land to the NHE at the lowest prices possible, so that there is a bit of a reduction in the input cost, and subsequently better selling price.
This is why in this whole process, as stakeholders being the National Housing Enterprise,the Local Authority, and the Contractors that we bring on board, to all work with a common purpose of delivering quality but affordable homes to our people,” said Hon. Uutoni.
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